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Attorney J.G. dawSUN
Purple Ocean LLc
702 E. 12th Ave.
Apt. #18
Denver, CO 80203

Phone: 307-275-2027
About Attorney J.G. dawSUN
Name: JONATHON GILBERT DAWSON Student ID#: 900805370 Occupation: Thing Maker NEVER STARVING Education: Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln Currently attending Metro State University Healthy Menu of Preservatives aka Personal Statement: I am a poet wielding a paint brush like a finely tuned automobile on fire shortly after a small fender bender. I apply elements of focus, perfection & performance training into a state of a Renaissance man mindset over deep meditations. I don’t prefer to be saddled into a definition...I prefer to make ideas alone. I love mistakes - I believe the best ideas were born out of the worst pigment scar; the ability to achieve respect for imperfection is enlightenment without rejection. Embracing the mistake is revolution, resurrection & at times entices the sense that life is real, not just a computer program doing the majority of the work but more like a welcoming to the a new idea: & when I say resurrection I do not mean “religion,” it’s more like an answer getting a horrific horrible injury & walking away with holes in your shoes being accused of being. I embody a beginner’s mindset with flawed intentions of my journey, which, has been beautiful, scarred & beyond my wildest educational dreams. I worry about & worship my education like an Amazonian waterfall; approach the value of respect with all lessons I’ve learned. From the greatest classroom to the most violent street corner. The sanctions of correct breathing patterns perform like a beautiful eye examination allowing the user to engage memory & energy into matters concerning intellectual priorities often accused of suggestive “in-property.” I hope to someday build a vagina in my stomach, because, I do believe in myself & the creations associated with my DNA, & yes, I would like to make sweet love to myself all day, some nights, mostly against having weekends. I understand that our species gives federal fines for coming up with great ideas; {secured the patent for the idea of ‘magnet,’ just couldn’t afford to have that much fun.}. I’m obsessive towards the cause of a draughtsman; I like to focus on any particular subject of my choice until I know it through my flawed skin, broken eyes & diseased heart. I also believe in goals, love, religion, friendship & waving at people who don’t notice what it’s like to be one with a small bush, shrub or weed; although I most likely can’t walk & chew fruit punch bubble gum at the same time. I’ve spent the last ten years perfecting my own form of illusion called Elefunctionism. Elefuctionism is the practice of applying electrical lymph nodes throughout a pattern of “electronica” devices & varieties of lights applied to pigment. Its performance based & failure is not a’s absolute. When you become one with failure & poverty....the sky is pretty much the limit. Winning is a figment of celebration sprinkled with labor & various forms of content: surrealistic subconscious pride...predicated on forms filled out mostly like this. Jonathon Gilbert Dawson 1822 E. 22nd St. Cheyenne WY 82001 (307) 631-1827 Athletics: 1997: 2nd Team All State 1997: 1st Team All Conference 1997: Ranked 6th in Nation for Discus 1997: 1st Team All Conference {Track & Field} 1998: 1st Team All Conference 1998: 1st Team All State 1998: Offensive Lineman of the Year 1998: Defensive Lineman of the Year 1998: Lineman of the year 1999: Rocky Mountain News Regional Elite Team 1999: Received Full Athletic Scholarship to Univ. of Nebraska 2000: Finalist for Lifter of the Year 2001: Lifter of the Year 2001: Member of the Unity Council for Nebraska Football 2010: Casper Star Tribune Super 25 20th Anniversary Team Publications: 1997 Casper Star Tribune-Wyoming Radio Network Super 25 {published 12/6/97} 1998 Casper Star-Tribune Super 25 {published 11/13/98} 2010 Casper Star-Tribune Super 25 20th Anniversary Team Academics: 1999: Wyoming High School Activities Association Academic Scholarship 1999: 1st Team Academic All Big 12 1999: Big 12 Commissioner’s Fall Academic Honor Roll 2000: Big 12 Commissioner’s Spring Academic Honor Roll Fine Arts: {Group Shows} 2003: 3rd place in Nebraska State Art Fair (Name used: Wendy Callicoat} {Lincoln, Nebraska} 2006: Art Appreciation Month {Mort’s Bagels} 2007: Underground Art Gallery {Cheyenne, Wyoming 2008: Memorial Day Art Show {Clay Paper Scissors Gallery}{Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2008: Breast Cancer Awareness Show 2013: News from Nowhere Show {Laramie, Wyoming} {Solo Shows} 2003: Underground Art Gallery {Omaha, Nebraska} 2004: Underground Art Gallery {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2005: One Man Show {Mort’s Bagels} {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2006: Underground Art Gallery {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2008: Underground Art Gallery {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2008: Hairum Salon {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2008: Tattoos 4 U {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2008: Clay Paper Scissors Gallery {Cheyenne, Wyoming} Volunteer/Non Profit: 2008: YMCA after School Program {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2009-10: Grandma’s Pickle Parlor/Safe house {Cheyenne, Wyoming} 2011: Volunteer at Cultural Research Center/Museum {Yellowstone National Park} 2010-11: Volunteer Fire Fighter {Yellowstone National Park} Mentorships: 2005-2006 Kirk M. Miller 2012-2013 Harry C. Walters Publications: 2011: Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : Hot Pink Poetree Punching Bag : 2012: Cowboy With Glass Boots Puzzle Prophet : Cowboy With Glass Boots Puzzle Prophet : The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions: Media: Art Periods: Period One: Elefunctionism Period Two: Eyes & Flowers Period Three: Glass Boots Experiment Exclamation Point: My oath to my reader’s is one typo........... Honor.....what a memory... I first & foremost thank you for your time & energy My Verdict Heaven With No Money No Sin Guilty $ Passed all your pea tests why’ll smoking weed $ Progressed to heart disease to beat you $ Enhancing Happiness to the self-weed $Yelling wondering why you can’t smoke cigarettes or weed public leads to alcohol $Destruction of the Family $Diluted respect for history $knowing the laws but loving the land $Discovering the beauty of a thumbtack over average art. $Common Situations explained in the same context of Extreme Situations Jonathon Gilbert Dawson 702 E. 12th Avenue Apt. #18 Denver, CO 80206 Phone: 307-275-2027 Email: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Jonathon Gilbert Dawson and I am interested in the position that your company currently has open. My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my experience and skills, I feel like I would be a great person to work at your company. I have many years of experience in a variety of fields that have prepared me for a variety of tasks. I have extensive food preparation skills, I have worked with food off and on since I was fifteen years old. I enjoy learning new tasks associated with the kitchen. I’m also very inclined to help where ever I am needed & have extensive kitchen cleaning experience/customer service skills. I am very interested in finding out more about any available positions with your company. I thank you for your time and energy, as it is very much appreciated. I hope that you will consider contacting me & I hope you have a very great day. Sincerely Yours, Jonathon G. Dawson 702 E. 12th Ave. Apt. #18 Denver, CO 80206 (307) 275-2027 email: Jonathon Gilbert Dawson 702 E. 12th Avenue Apt. #18 Denver, CO 80206 Phone: 307-275-2027 Email: Objective My objective is to do the best I can, where ever I am at, & do the best with whatever situations are presented to me. I would like to find a job where I fit in & I would like to keep my position for an extended period of time. My personal goals are to finish my degree at Metro State, where I am currently attending to complete my BFA with emphasis in Spatial Media. I feel like my goals and dreams are completely realistic and achievable because I work hard everyday pursuing them to the fullest. I believe the company that hires me will get this same dedication. I am new to Denver, so I hope to enrich myself in the people, the good vibes, healthy mindset, and great environment for creativity presented to the public. Ability Summary I have very strong organizational skills, good work ethic, and an ability to learn & perform tasks with little or no training. I like to work hard and stay positive, because I believe that outlook is truly the best for a customer service induced environment. I have very excellent time management skills & I have absolutely no problem learning new tasks & enjoy the challenge of mastering every task presented to me. I over 7 to eight years of cash register experience, customer experience, line cook experience. I feel like I work very well in a team atmosphere. I have opened & closed restaurants, dealt with customers in all wide variety of situations. I like to think my customer service skills are top notch, so I can honestly say I have a very smooth hand at problem solving and very few issues leave my discussion unhandled. Employment History Food Preparation 06/2011 – 09/2011 Yellowstone Steakhouse (Gardiner, MT) Food Preparation, Some Line Cook Duties, Restocking Supplies, & Janitorial Duties. Customer Service Representative 02/2008 - 06/2010 Grandma’s Pickle Parlor (Cheyenne, WY) Duties included assisting and helping customers, opening & closing duties for cash register, janitorial and food cart duties. Counting money, counting pull-tab tickets, inventory organization. Working hand & hand with customer’s in making purchasing choices. Bakery Assistant 08/2007 – 11/2007 Bread Basket (Cheyenne, WY) Food Preparation, Stocking, Janitorial Duties, Cash Register, Customer Service Rep, & Order Puller. Line Cook 06/2003 – 10/2003 Stinky Burger (Helena, MT) Food Preparation, Line Cook, & Janitorial Duties. Cashier and Waiter/Waitress 06/2005-10/2005 Cheyenne Smokehouse (Cheyenne, WY) Food preparation, Cashier, Closing Duties, Dishwashing, Waiter and Counter help, & Food proportion distribution. Assistant Manager, Closer, Cashier, Janitorial Worker 02/2004 - 04/2005 Mort’s Bagels (Cheyenne, WY) Food preparation, Customer Service, Cashier, Janitorial Closing and Opening Duties, Delivery Driver, Purchasing produce & food products for distribution. Backline Cook 03/1995 - 06/1997 Dairy Queen (Cheyenne WY) Helped Restock supplies, Prepared Food to Order, Food preparation for stock, Janitorial Duties, Customer Service, & Cashier. Other Work Experience Artistic Director 10/2001 – Current Dawson Enterprises (United States of America) Artist, Author, Web Designer, Production analyst, Curator, Museum Technician, Audio Technician, Video Technician, Video Editor, Film Maker, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Customer Service Representative, and Laborer. Volunteer Fire Fighter 08/2010 -06/2011 National Park Service (YNP, WY) Assisting in all essential first responder duties, janitorial services, engine checks, equipment checks, operating fire engines, creating building plans for rescue missions and helping out where ever needed in accordance to the demands of the Fire Chief in Yellowstone National Park. Museum Technician Assistant 10/2010 – 06/2011 National Park Service (YNP, WY) Volunteer at the Cultural Research Center for Yellowstone National Park. Duties included: Data entry, organizing artifacts, photographer, organizing artifacts with call numbers, & assisting Museum Technician with various duties where ever needed. Moving and setting up museum cases that house artifacts from Yellowstone’s lush and natural history. I primarily helped organize photographs. Created digital copies with call numbers/descriptive ideation of all photographs park service workers took from 1890 to 1970. Child Care Worker 03/2008 – 09/2008 YMCA (Cheyenne, WY) I helped run the after school program at the YMCA assisting underprivileged youths from around the community by preparing an interactive fun & exciting artistic curriculum to promote mental health, community awareness & fitness to the poorer children from around Cheyenne. Also, handed out free lunches to youths at schools around the city. Social Service Aide 10/2002 – 06/2003 Omni Behavioral Health (Omaha, NE) Provided assistance and care to children living in a state run detention home. Counseled and mentored troubled youths to find the tools to create a functional success pattern in cognitive development. Provided and prepared meals in the housing area. Created daily event plans that provided activities for the youths to stimulate an interactive healthy environment. Education and Training Issuing Institution Years Attended Course of Study Metro State University Currently Attending Spatial Media LCCC 1 year Web Design Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln 3 years English/Advertising Central High School 4 years General Honors & Activities I’m in the book club, art club and bird watching club. I enjoy talking to new and exciting people, making paintings, as well as, many other types of creative activities. I enjoy walking, listening to records, and great comedy. Additional Information I’m excellent cook, love people & I am usually the first choice my friends pick when they need someone to watch their animals. References: Will Allen: (Art Department Work Study: Metro State University} 970- 219-7359 Suzanne Mitchell: (Drawing Teacher: RMCAD} 303-842-5859 Sue Krause: {Elementary School Speech Pathologist} 307-631-7293 Dickie Shanor: {Lawyer & City Councilman, Cheyenne Wyoming} 307-399-5103 Don't forget I'm a TOTal badASS #25
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