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The featured video section of our home page is designed to give attorneys an opportunity to connect with more of Law Father's users. Attorneys who appear in the “Featured Video” section of Law Father's home page have paid an advertising fee to do so.

Most attorneys who appear within the Law Father website have not paid a fee to be here. Whenever Law Father has collected an advertising fee to convey to our users a special message or video from an attorney, we will make users aware of that payment within the placement of that message or information.

Choosing the Right attorney is a serious decision and should never be based on advertising alone. Law Father does not recommend attorneys, make referrals, or make guarantees as to the quality of the legal services attorneys featured on our website may provide. Law Father accepts no responsibility for the outcome of any relationship you may form with one of our listed or featured attorneys. Also be aware that this website is for informational purposes only and no transmission or communication through it creates an attorney/client relationship. Only you and the attorney you choose to hire can form an attorney-client relationship, which should be formed through a written agreement.
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