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How We Collect Attorney Information
(Logout)'s ultimate goal is to connect people with legal questions to the attorneys who can answer them. To do that we have attempted to build the most accurate and up-to-date database of attorneys available online. But with over one-million attorneys in the United States, keeping every single attorney record up-to-date is a challenging task.

In an attempt to update, add, or remove information, we gather data from a number of important sources. Some of these sources are listed below.

Individual Attorneys & Law Firms: Individual attorneys and law firms understand there is enormous value in being accessible to people searching for legal information online. Law Father is one of the highest quality providers of lawyer data in the United States. Any attorney or law firm is welcome to create a profile and host their information on the website as well as update the information that may already be listed for absolutely NO COST. However, we may remove any information we deem to be incorrect or inappropriate at our own discretion. Click here to search for your lawyer profile or to create a new lawyer profile.

Online Law School Lists and Publications: Law Schools build and maintain different student and alumni directories. In some cases this information is made available to the public online, in other cases in can be purchased. If you are a current law school student or you are a law school graduate who is not currently practicing law and you appear in our database, this may be one reason why. If your listing contains a home address and phone number, a law school student or alumni directory could have been the source of that information. To update or remove your listing, you must first claim your listing by searching your name on our home page. Please check with your law school and alumni organization if you are unsure of how they currently share your personal information or of how they have shared it in the past.

State Bar Associations: Most state bar associations provide member information either for free or for a fee. In some cases this information is available to the public under state law, in other cases the information is available at the discretion of the lawyer or the organization. Almost every state provides the availability to search lawyer records for information regarding good standing or disciplinary action. Check with your local bar association if you are unsure of how they use, display, or distribute your personal and professional information.

Professional Lawyer Associations: While in general all attorneys practicing law must be registered with their local bar, there is no requirement that they be associated with other associations based on their specific practice areas. For example, most states have a separate trial lawyers association and criminal defense lawyers association that members of the state bar can choose to join, but membership is not necessary for practicing within those practice areas. These independent legal associations are sometimes public and sometimes private. They choose independently whether or not to publicly provide member information for free or to sell member information to legal service providers. When available Law Father collects information about lawyers from these varying associations. Please check with your local lawyers association if you are unsure about how they share your information.

Postal Service Change of Address Records: The US Postal Service provides a database of residents who change their addresses. They make this list available to data providers such as Law Father. If you see your personal or home information displayed in the search returns, this US Postal database could be one reason why it appears. Click here to learn more about the NCOALink® System.

Legal Websites: We collect information about individual attorneys that law firms make available on their own websites. If your listing shows you working for an old employer, this may be one reason why. We make periodic efforts to verify listing information manually via phone calls and emails. If you or your office receives a phone call from Law Father, it is usually in an effort to maintain the integrity of our database and your prompt response can help us do that.

3rd Party Information Providers: In most cases the information displayed online by you, your employer, or organizations with which you are associated can be collected, catalogued, and sold by 3rd party information providers. In some cases we take advantage of offers of the sale of this information in an attempt to make our online lawyer directory one of the most robust and accurate in the United States. Just like Law Father, sometimes these third party information providers do not always have the correct information. If you see anything that is inaccurate or needs to be changed, please claim your profile and correct it or email our team at

Special Note: The data within the website was initially collected in 2007. If you are just now finding your listing and wondering why certain information is available while updated information is not, reflect on some of the methods we use to collect data. These methods and the year they were initiated could explain the reason why your listing appears the way it does. If you would like your listing removed immediately, please email your name and a link to your listing to

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