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A Law Father Rated Attorney can be easily identified by the 'Law Father Rated' badge which appears within the attorney's Law Father profile or by a 'Law Father Rated' badge appearing on an attorney's own website, which is then hyper-linked to the attorney's profile.

To be listed as a Law Father Rated attorney, an attorney must pass Law Father's strict professional background check. This professional background check verifies that this lawyer has not had his or her law license suspended or has not been subject to disciplinary probation over the last five years.

Additionally, when available we have verified through varying state Attorney Regulatory Divisions that this attorney is current on his or her legal malpractice insurance. Having legal malpractice insurance means that in the event the attorney you hire fails to represent you in a manor consistent with what the law requires, the attorney has insurance to cover his or her legal mistake and compensate you financially for any possible losses.

Finally, Law Father Rated attorneys provide current clients, former clients, and fellow attorneys a place within their Law Father profiles to publicly comment on and review the legal work that attorney has performed. Unlike other rating and ranking websites, which allow anonymous reviews (and thereby the opportunity for fictitious reviews), Law Father comments are moderated by Law Father and can be verified for accuracy and authenticity in the event of suspicious postings. Because Law Father understands that not everyone involved in a legal dispute wants to put their name on a website, former clients may post reviews to Law Father profiles anonymously. However, Law Father requires an automated, private, and secure notation and verification of these posts in the event that there is ever a dispute over the facts of a legal matter.

Law Father's Law Father Rated verification system updates a lawyer's Law Father Rated status every 30 days. If Law Father receives information that an attorney no longer meets the Law Father Rated criteria, that attorney's badge will be removed and they will no longer be able to participate in the Law Father Rated program.

For an attorney to participate in the Law Father Rated program, he or she must claim an existing profile or create a new profile on Once this profile is created, the attorney will have the option to pay a monthly fee that covers the costs associated with allowing Law Father to continue to monitor and report that attorney's Law Father Rated status. It is important to understand that just because an attorney profile does not include a Law Father Rated badge does not mean that the attorney would not meet the criteria of the Law Father Rated program. It simply means the attorney is not aware of the Law Father Rated program, or has created a profile but chosen to opt out of the opportunity to have their professional background information displayed publicly.

Choosing the Right attorney is a serious decision and should never be based on advertising alone. That is why we rate attorneys, in an effort to provide consumers with timely information for their use when choosing a law firm.

Please understand that is one tool you can use as you decide to hirer an attorney. Law Father does not recommend attorneys, make referrals, or make guarantees as to the quality of the legal services Law Father Rated attorneys may provide. Law Father accepts no responsibility for the outcome of any relationship you may form with one of our listed attorneys. Also be aware that this website is for informational purposes only and does not create an attorney/client relationship. Only you and the attorney you hire can form an attorney-client relationship, which should be formed through a written agreement.

Again, thank you for visiting! If you have additional questions about Law Father's Rated attorneys, you may email or leave a voice mail on our confidential toll-free law line at (855) LAW-5280.
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